The warm weather, the flowers in bloom—it’s no wonder so many brides decide to get married in the spring. As you enter the coming season, weekends booked up with wedding after wedding, the need for a chic springtime ensemble (or twelve) is paramount. Whether it’s an elegant garden party, a destination event or a black-tie Read More →

You’ll get a different version of events depending on whether you ask Jessica or Kevin how they first got together. While Kevin would have everyone believe that he came, saw and – after some time – conquered, Jessica has other ideas. “We first met at my god sister’s birthday. We didn’t hit it off: I Read More →

two Vintage Milgrain Engagement Ring settings

Many jewelers make their living specifically making vintage-inspired designs, as classic beauty never really goes out of style. Brilliance has plenty of fully modern designs, but we’re also no stranger to the timeless beauty found in antique designs. One of our newest antique-inspired designs, the Vintage Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring, exudes Edwardian style and grace while Read More →

clarity and color grade recommendations for cushion diamonds

The cushion cut diamond has been around for more than 200 years, and it remains one of the most commonly used cuts for engagement rings. Cushion cuts are characterized by rounded corners and large facets that are designed to make cushion engagement rings sparkle and shine. Before you begin shopping for cushion engagement rings, make sure Read More →

Milgrain for Her

Matching wedding bands embody the unity of the couple’s bond. Symbolic of two becoming one, his-and-hers wedding bands celebrate matrimonial tradition. Combining vintage nostalgia into the set further complements the grace of the bands’ spiritual significance. Rows of diamonds, weaving details inspired by ancient Celts, and snow-lit sparkle all add vibrant, vintage beauty to fuse Read More →