3 Simple Steps To Find Your Dream Wedding Shoes

Raquel Kelley, E! Fashion Police* producer and the creative force behind the wedding blog, I Guess I Do, is sharing how to find your dream wedding shoes.*
Shoes. It’s a love affair most men will never understand. And secretly, we never want them to. Maybe they’ll begin to realize, “It starts from the ground up.”
Here are three tips for picking out the perfect pair of shoes for your wedding day:
1. As They Say in the Jersey Shore “Do You”

Yes, I know the show is off the air, but I still have a Snooki-sized hole in my heart that only those orange skinned people can fill. I do have to say though; they were onto something with the phrase “Do you.”

Remember when it was daring for brides to wear blue shoes as their “Something Blue?”The wedding rulebook has officially been thrown out the window. Brides are using their shoes to express who they are as people. Nowadays, brides are wearing everything from cowboy boots to Converse.
So pick out a shoe that is most personal to you and your sense of style. Even though they will be covered up by tons of white billowing fabric and no one else may see them, you will know they are there. And that’s all that matters.

2. Heel Height — Get It Right

When it comes to heels, we can be selfish little creatures, never worrying about how our double stacked platforms can make our boyfriends feel as we tower over them. But in this circumstance, they should be taken into consideration.
Standing at 5’8, I had to be careful not to choose a heel that would make me look taller than my 6’1 beau in pictures. We can all see how well that worked out for them.I wasn’t trying to have a Tom Cruise Katie Holmes situation on my hands.
Also, it’s important not to leave your shoes for last. They are a very integral part of the alterations process, which is normally done months before the wedding. The dress will be altered to the height of your heel. So don’t spend all of that money, only for it to go to waste.
3. Be Sure to Have a Back-Up Plan

While the shoes you have picked out may be fabulous, we all know the words fabulous and comfortable are not always synonymous. Make sure to have a spare pair of comfy shoes on hand like flats or flip flops for the reception, so your focus is on the dance floor and not on your blisters.
When my now-husband dared to ask, “Wait, so you’re not even wearing these shoes the whole night? Why do you even need them?” I lovingly had to explain, “BECAUSE THEY GET THEIR OWN PHOTOSHOOT OKAY?”
They don’t understand it, and probably never will. But that’s okay, because it’s the only other love affair you’re allowed to have after you say “I Do.”

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