Best Carat Size for Radiant Diamond Rings

An engagement ring is arguably the most important piece of jewelry a woman will wear in her lifetime, one that could easily become a precious family heirloom in one or two generations. Certainly, you want it to be perfect. So you head to your nearest jewelry store (or Google an online retailer) and look for the greatest ring you can find.Three different Radiant cut diamond settings

You look at round diamonds, heart-shaped diamonds, and pear-shaped diamonds, but none of them seem to capture the style of your intended. Then you happen upon a rectangular diamond that sparkles with a unique, fiery quality. When you look at it, it is not hard to see how this diamond cut got its name–radiant. That, you think, is the diamond for the woman you love. Excellent choice! The multifaceted, glittering stone is bold, eye-catching, and beautiful, making it a popular pick for engagement rings.

But once you’ve settled on the radiant shape, another challenging question awaits. What size diamond is best? There are many factors to consider when you pick the carat for an engagement ring. While you do your shopping, consider the following:

The “Average” Size Radiant

According to most jewelers, the average size for a diamond engagement ring is somewhere between two and three carats. However, you know your girl isn’t just “average” to you. Think about what she would want to wear, and design your ring accordingly.

The "Average" Size Radiant

Simple, Chic, Radiant

Maybe your bride-to-be a girl with simple, chic and sophisticated style? If so, she might want to wear a slightly more modest diamond. She would probably enjoy something similar to the one-carat beauty that First Lady Michelle Obama wears regularly.

Simple, Chic, Radiant

More Radiant. More Carats.

Or maybe she’s flashy, the life of every party, and she’d prefer something like the eight-carat stunner Jennifer Anniston got from Justin Theroux. She’ll wear this the rest of her life, so insure it’s something she’ll be proud of and matches her style.

More Radiant. More Carats.

Radiant Size for Her Hands

woman wearing a radiant cut diamond ringWe doubt you’ve have spent much time staring intently at your girlfriend’s hands during your relationship, even if you hold it often. But now is the time to start. You want her engagement ring to flatter her fingers, not distort her natural beauty by being too large or too small for her hand. Radiant cuts best suit ladies with wide, strong fingers. In fact, an elongated diamond that spans the length of her finger can make her hand look more slender and elegant. As you’re looking at different carat sizes, consider the size of her hands. Try and choose a carat size that shows as little skin as possible on either side.

The Radiant Setting Design

The Radiant Setting Design

For example, a solitaire setting or a band with baguettes would warrant an average to larger-sized stone. The setting you choose for your radiant cut diamond plays a big role in the carat size you’ll want. After all, the setting completes the look, and you’ll find that with some settings, less is more. The thin setting will give that radiant diamond room to shine (and, if you’re looking at the smaller sizes, a thinner band can make the diamond look larger).

Don’t Forget the Radiant Halo

Say you opt for a setting that features a halo; this might be a time when a smaller diamond is suitable–a cost-effective option for those folks on a budget. The pavé diamonds circling that radiant rock will add plenty of additional sparkle, but a big diamond in the center could be bordering on overkill.

One thing is for sure: whatever size your decide on, the radiant cut diamond will make for a striking ring that you’ll be proud to propose with and that she’ll be proud to put on her finger!

Don't Forget the Radiant Halo
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