Festive Wedding Cake Ideas

Festive Wedding Cake Ideas

Planning a wedding on a festive holiday has plenty of benefits. Your loved ones already have time off work, you have an instant theme and you’ll never forget your anniversary. However, there is also the risk of theming a wedding too much, so it becomes more about the holiday than your big day.


When it comes to a festive wedding cake, choosing carefully can make all the difference. Here are some things to think about…


How Festive Do You Want to Go?

Whatever festival your wedding day falls on, the big decision is just how much you want to acknowledge it, and how traditional you want to go. This applies to your whole theme, but it’s just as important when choosing your wedding cake.

For example, at a Christmas wedding you could have a fruitcake or a take on the Christmas pudding. Or, you could address the holiday in a subtler way with a wintry cake that fits in but isn’t too Christmassy.


Say it with Colours

You may want to avoid cliché but still embody the spirit of the festival on which your wedding day falls. One simple way to do this is your colour scheme, and this can be as traditional or as contemporary as you like.

While red and green are popular wintry festive colours, metallic hues, soft, icy blues and whites work just as well.


Get Creative with Your Cake Display

A cultural holiday of any kind is the perfect excuse to get creative with how you display your wedding cake. How you choose to decorate your cake table, of course, is up to you, but don’t be afraid to think big.

Beautiful backdrops, bunting or streamers, pom poms and well-chosen tablecloths. Tea lights (or even hanging tea lights), fairy lights, flowers, petals and confetti. Branches and twigs, moss, framed photographs and large letters. These are just some of the decorations that can create a stunning festive display.


Consider a Festive Dessert Table

Not sure about a festive wedding cake? Then why not theme an alternative desserts table? For an icy winter wonderland theme, white, pale blue and metallic silver desserts look like a frosty dream.

The world is your oyster with a dessert table. From macaroons to cupcakes, cake pops to mini meringues and everything in between. Create a seasonal vision with something for everyone!


Article by Marie Sinclair of GC Couture

Images courtesy of GC Couture


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