Pinterest Forecasts The Biggest Trends in 2017

Every year the Pinterest insights team pushes a few buttons, flips a few switches and— ta-dah!—a magic report is revealed that shows exactly what’s trending on the site and what will be popular in the year ahead. Pinterest reveals what items are being pinned and shared the most often in their respective categories (aka fashion, beauty, wellness, food and so on),within that magic report.

To be honest ,we weren’t really expecting anything too crazy, but we were pretty surprised by at least one thing in each category. The new eye contouring trend caught us off guard (because we love highlighting those cheekbones) and so did the mass revival of yoga (which seems like an aggressive shift from the 2016 Crossfit craze). Without further adieu,we are looking forward to the biggest trends in 2017:

  1. Fashion TrendsPinterest trends for 2017, bell sleeves


    Remember when the off-the-shoulder style took the fashion world by storm overnight? Apparently, bell sleeves will be the new off the shoulder. Another big trend? Sleepwear-inspired looks are up a staggering 800 percent, which means that sexy satin slip dress might just be the perfect look for your bachelorette party. And don’t forget about accessorizing—the layering trend is switching it up from stacking necklaces to stacking earrings—mismatched earrings are up 255 percent.

    Beauty Trends

    2017 beauty trendsChrome manis will be all the rage, and really, we shouldn’t be surprised. Last year metallics became huge, from rose gold accessories to copper homewares and gold foil on everything. The evolution of this chrome beauty trend looks pretty metallic, and ranges from the usual silver and rose golds to hues like turquoise and purple. As for contouring, yes it will still be a thing, but the attention will shift to your eyes with the cut crease method. Finally, charcoal masks will continue to reign supreme in the facial department.

    Home TrendsHome trends from Pinterest 2017

    Alert your registry: Climbing plants are the new succulents. Who would have thought the impossible-to-kill plant would ever be replaced? And randomly, nightstands are up by 721 percent. Our guess? People are putting more effort into making their bedroom into their own personal sanctuary. And marble is still hot, but now it’s on the walls in addition to your countertop.

    Hair Trends

    Hair trends for 2017

    When your hair isn’t going to be tied up into a braided bun (aka the new topknot) it’ll probably be hanging loose au naturel—no-heat hairstyles are up 40 percent (your hair will thank you). But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any bold new trends to look forward to. 2017 will be the year of the ash ombré. This hot dye job is up 240 percent.

    Wellness Trends2017 wellness trends according to Pinterest

    If wedding planning is stressing you out, take a breath and try some yin yoga. The practice of yin yoga stretches the tissue around your joints, which helps to relieve an aching hip, pelvis and lower spine that result from hours of sitting. And all-natural beverages are making a comeback, with detox drinks up by 407 percent.

    Travel Trends2017 travel trends according to PinterestLooking for the hottest honeymoon spot? It’ll probably be where the temperatures are on the lower end of the thermometer since ski slopes and mountain cabins are up 300 percent. If culture is what you’re after (you wouldn’t be alone—cultural events are up 1,450 percent), the Japanese town of Kyoto is becoming a very popular tourist destination thanks to its thousands of Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines.