When a User accesses to and navigates through the Website (“you” or “the User“), it involves the use of cookies and similar technologies, either owned by Long Sleeves Wedding Gowns or by third parties, and its setting on the device from which the User accesses and browses, in order to enable browsing on our Website, analyze our traffic and the User’s behavior, enable the User to share content through social media and personalize content and advertising displayed based on the User’s browsing habits.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are set in the User’s browser from the Website and are used to record certain navigation interactions, storing data that can be updated and retrieved from such browser. These files are stored on the User’s device and are used, among other purposes, to remember the User’s preferences when accessing the Website again, such as access data or content personalization.

Cookies or other similar online tracking technologies can also be used to record anonymized information about how a visitor uses a website (e.g. the website from where the visitor accessed the Website or whether the visitor has used a banner advertisement to reach it).


When accessing the Website, the User is informed about the use of these technologies through the management platform displayed on the Website, as well as on how to provide consent to Long Sleeves Wedding Gowns to, or refuse, the use of such online trackers.

In fact, the User can decide whether to accept or reject all cookies, or to do so in a granular manner depending on the cookie purpose and manage preferences through the management panel.

At any time, the User can manage his or her setting preferences, as indicated in section 4 of this Cookie Policy (“How to manage cookie settings or revoke consent”).

Certain cookies may be strictly necessary for the operation of the Website and the services that are offered by the Website and requested by the User. These strictly necessary cookies do not require consent. As a result, in the event that the User objects to the use of such cookies under section 4 below, access to the Website may be prevented or may not work properly.

Cookies used on our Website

Cookie purposes

Long Sleeves Wedding Gowns uses the following types of cookies on the Website:

  • Strictly necessary: These online trackers are absolutely necessary for the functioning of the Website. They allow the User’s navigation through the Website and enable the use of the different options and services that are offered by the Website and requested by the User (e.g. cookies used to record the Users’ preference with respect to cookies, cookies intended for authentication to a service or cookies that are essential to comply with the GDPR’s security principle for an activity the User has requested). Without their use, certain functions on the Website may not work properly.
  • Analytic: These online trackers provided by third parties store information mainly related to how Users interact with the Website’s content, where those Users come from, the browser that they are using and the time they remain on each page, among other information. They are used for audience measurement and usage and user statistics.
  • Personalisation: These online trackers provided by third parties collect information about how Users use our Website and remember it to enable the User’s access to the Website according with certain features that make the User’s experience different from other Users’ (e.g. cookies used to personalise the way the services are displayed on the Website, depending on the Users’ previous visits or actions taken on the Website; cookies used to remember if the Users choose a particular feature on the Website).
  • Social media: These online trackers provided by third parties enable Users to share content through social media. These cookies may track the User’s browser across other sites and build a profile of the User’s interests, which may impact on the content shown to the User on other websites that are visited.
  • Targeted Advertising:
    • These online trackers, set by third parties, analyse your browsing habits on this Website and on other sites in order to serve you targeted ads that are more relevant to you on other websites.
    • We also use online trackers, set by Google, to better understand our audience and select and serve you targeted ads through our Website. The displayed ads relate to the products and services of our group companies or third parties and are personalized to match your behavior and interests, based on the analysis of your browsing habit. To that end, cookies ensure ads are properly displayed. To be able to report to advertisers about the effectiveness of their ads, we also measure your interactions with these ads (e.g. through the ad views and clicks). You can visit Google’s Privacy Policy here, and manage your settings for these cookies directly on the consent management platform.
    • We also use cookies and to measure the performance of the marketing emails we send you (e.g. email opening and click).

Cookie characteristics: lifespan and identity of third parties

The User can access the full detail of the cookies and similar technologies used on the Website, including their respective lifespan, classified according to their type and origin through the link to the cookies’ settings located at the header of this Cookie Policy.

Other tracking technologies

In addition to cookies, we and our partners listed in the management platform may use “tracking pixels” (also known as web beacons or pixel tags). These are small transparent images that are integrated into the Website itself (and therefore not stored on the User’s computer) and allow us to verify aspects such as the number of visitors accessing to the Website or the technical configuration of the browser of Users accessing it. The purposes for which they are used are analogous to those described in the list above.

The Website also contains links to third parties’ websites. Long Sleeves Wedding Gowns does not control the cookies used by these external websites, thus the User should access their own cookie policies in order to obtain more information about the technologies being used by such websites.

How to manage cookie settings or revoke consent

Users have the right to decide whether to grant consent and refuse cookies. They are also entitled to revoke their consent to cookies. The User can manage cookie consent preferences at any time by:

  • Managing the User’s preferences by accessing the management platform available through the link at the top of this document. Through this tool, the User may revoke the consent granted to the cookie purposes that are not strictly necessary for the functioning of the Website.
  • In addition to the management platform, disabling or blocking any cookies’ downloads through the specific functions of the browser being used. The User may block all categories of cookies, including the cookies that are strictly necessary for the Website to function. As mentioned above, in the event the User blocks all cookies, access to the Website may be prevented or may not work properly.